Thursday, May 31, 2018

Best Dividend Investing Articles For May

For your reading enjoyment, I have highlighted several articles that the readers found of particular interest this month. I have included the article title, as well as a short description.

38 Dividend Champions To Consider
As part of my investing process, I screen the list of dividend champions every month, looking for companies to add to my dividend portfolio. In this article, I discussed the entry criteria I used to come up with the list of 38 dividend champions for further research. I believe that the ability to develop a strategy to achieve your goals, and sticking to it is very important.

The ability to follow your strategy and making regular investments is very important. By buying stock regularly, you are dollar cost averaging your way into building your dividend machine. You are building your future income stream one investment at a time. The next step is the hard one – holding patiently for the long-term and reinvesting that dividend income during the accumulation phase.

Dividends Provide a Tax-Efficient Form of Income
In this article, I discuss the tax treatment of qualified dividends for US investors. Qualified dividend income receives a better tax treatment than wage income. Depending on your taxable income, you may end up without any taxable liability to the IRS if certain conditions are met. For my retirement strategy, I plan to live off qualified dividends to pay for expenses. For married couple today with no other forms of income, a qualified dividend income below $101,200 results in a zero tax rate at the Federal Level.

Three Dividend Growth Stocks Delivering Higher Returns To Shareholders
I discussed three companies that raised distributions to their shareholders over the preceding week. As part of my monitoring process, I review the list of dividend increases every week. I use this exercise to check up on my holdings, and to get a feel for the rate of dividend increases for companies I may be interested in at some price point.

Five Dividend Contenders Raising The Bar
I discussed five companies which boosted dividends to their shareholders. I also discussed the general guidelines I utilize when reviewing any group of dividend growth stocks, be it the list of weekly dividend increases or the list of dividend champions. All of those guidelines help me get an adequate margin of safety when selecting companies for my dividend growth portfolio.

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