Sunday, June 3, 2018

RIP David Fish

I just learned that David Fish, who was the creator of the Dividend Champions, Contenders and Challengers list, passed away last month at the age of 68. This is a link to his obituary.

David Fish was a generous and kind man, who shared his research with dividend investors. He created, updated and freely shared the CCC list for over a decade, without expecting anything in return. Updating the list on a monthly basis for over ten years was definitely a painstaking process. His work definitely helped a lot of dividend growth investors out there, who have benefited tremendously from this research.

This type of a quiet individual, who works hard to selflessly help others is a rarity!

This is tragic news. He will be missed!

RIP David Fish

You may sign the guestbook to honor his memory.

PS: You can read his bio on the Moneypaper website from here. David Fish was a former accountant, turned investment writer and a co-manager of the MP63 Fund (DRIPX), which has beaten the S&P 500 since its inception

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