Saturday, April 28, 2018

Best Dividend Investing Articles For April

For your reading enjoyment, I have highlighted several articles that the readers found of particular interest this month. I have included the article title, as well as a short description.

How to Generate a 15% Yield on Cost in Ten Years

I highlighted the real story of one investor who put some money to work in a popular REIT a decade ago. After that, they automatically reinvested dividends for a decade, and they left their investment alone. After a decade of dividend growth and patient dividend reinvestment, this investment is generating an yield on cost of 15%.

Four Dividend Growth Stocks Rewarding Shareholders With A Raise

I highlighted several dividend growth stocks which rewarded their shareholders with a raise in April. There are some prominent and widely held companies on that list. It is important to keep monitoring investments for changes in fundamentals.

Are you ready for the next bear market?

After a 9 year bull market, it is hard to imagine share prices declining and staying low for more than a few months. Despite the fact that we are long-term investors we have to be prepared for the eventual bear markets. This is where focusing on company fundamentals such as earnings and dividends can be helpful in staying the course. The beauty of dividend investing is that in retirement you are living off dividends, and do not have to sell shares. This means that investors in the accumulation phase should be praying for lower prices, while retired investors should largely ignore stock prices and focus on the stability of their dividend income stream. This is why we focus so much on analyzing what we own, and making sure that the dividends are safe and that the assets we own are acquired at an attractive value.

Three Cheap Dividend Stocks To Consider

I highlighted three dividend paying companies, which sell at bargain prices today. Fears of Amazon entering the drug distribution market have plagued the share prices for these companies. According to recent reports I have read, Amazon has shelved plans to sells drugs to hospitals. That’s because these companies may have some competitive advantages that would take quite a few obstacles for a new incumbent such as Amazon. Selling drugs online is a different business from selling books online.

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