Saturday, April 25, 2009

10 Weekend Links

Sometimes I get 10 interesting links to share with my readers. This weekend i am continuing my linkfest with the following articles:

The Kirk Report outlined a list of "The World's Most Ethical Companies, which have outperformed the stock market since 2002.

Canadian Capitalist asked his readers about the books they love to read.

DividendsValue discussed the concept of International Income Investing. Make sure to check his analysis of McDonald's Corporation on Div-Net as well.

The Dividend Guy is analyzing the effect of Fixed Income on his Asset Allocation.

Dividend Tree analyzed Qualcomm.

Wide Moad Investing keeps analyzing Buffett's letters to shareholders. He is up to 1981 now. WMI has 28 more years to analyze.

It's not just Warren Buffett who likes the railways - The Money Gardener is bullish on canadian pacific.

Jae from Old School Value reminiscenses on his stock market experiences in How to Invest In the Stock Market-Background

Blogger Pinyo from Moolanomy has created a headlines aggregator called Great Nexus. Make sure to check it out.

Get Rich Slowly has an interesting post on Harry Browne’s Permanent Portfolio

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