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The Initial Grind Is The Hardest

I started my website over fourteen years ago in early 2008. During that time I shared my process of looking for and analyzing companies. I discussed my strategy in detail, delved into topics such as building and monitoring a portfolio. I have discussed resources I use, books I have read, and investors who have inspired me.

Back in 2018, I decided to put all of this information to practical use in real time, and launch a premium newsletter where I show investors how I am building a dividend portfolio from scratch. After investing in this portfolio for 44 months as of April 2022, I have learned a few lessons that are applicable to almost anyone investing in dividend growth stocks.

The goal of this dividend portfolio is to generate $1,000 in monthly dividend income after investing $1,000/month for a certain period of time. I try to allocate the money each month in ten attractively valued companies. It is exciting to launch a new portfolio from scratch, and watch it grow by applying my principles in real time. But investing is a long-term process. This project will go on for at least a decade. As such it is more of a marathon than a sprint.

I have invested $53,300 so far in 83 companies through April 30th, 2022. The portfolio is projected to generate $1730.27 in annual dividend income. This comes out to $144.19 in monthly dividend income, and takes us to around 15% of our long-term dividend goal. The forward dividend income has steadily increased since launching of the newsletter in July 2018. I expect this trend to continue, driven by new investments, dividend reinvestment and dividend growth.

Currently, the impact of new capital contributions drives most of the gains in forward dividend income. The rate of dividend growth is not as significant, given the small relative capital and dividend base. After a few years of investing however, the impact of dividend growth will be much more powerful than the impact of new contributions. This is why when investing, I need to play a long-term game, and focus on companies that can grow earnings and dividends 5 - 10 - 20 years down the road. In an uncertain world, I need to focus on companies with business models that can endure most calamities. Yet, I also need to be diversified, in order to protect against tail risks.

The portfolio has had 207 dividend increases since the launch of the newsletter. We had only three dividend suspensions and two dividend cuts. When we do have a dividend cut, I sell the security with a cut one second after the announcement, and buy something else with the proceeds. I may reconsider a dividend cutter after I have sold it, once it starts growing dividends again. I have had two dividend freezes, which is when companies keep dividends unchanged. I will continue holding, but not sell.

The amounts of dividend income quoted today are low. However, this is just the beginning. Plus, I believe that what I am presenting to you is a strategy/system for achieving long-term financial goals and objectives. This is the type of investment program I have followed in my personal portfolio for over a decade.

By following a consistent program of making regular new investments, reinvesting dividends selectively and patiently holding on to those shares, we have created a virtuous cycle which increases chances of financial success. Best of all, investing is a scalable activity. The same amount of effort is needed to invest $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000.

The initial grind is always the hardest part of investing. When you buy $1,000 worth of shares, and you generate $30- $40 in annual dividend income, it is easy to get discouraged.

For those rare individuals like you and me however, that first $30 - $40 in annual dividend income is pretty exhilarating. You get your a-ha moment when you see that passive dividend income as your stepping stone towards your eventual financial independence. Once you make the investment, you realize that money is working hard for you, so that you don’t have you. You see each dollar invested as a dollar that will grow dividend income for you, without any additional effort. Similar to building a house brick by brick, you see the process of building a dividend portfolio through the lens of each individual purchase.

You realize that with every single investment you make, you are buying your financial freedom.

After several years of investing, the amounts of dividend income start getting noticeable.

After several years of patiently buying quality blue chip companies, reinvesting the dividends and holding those shares for the long term, the dividend income starts getting some real traction. This is the point where the powerful force of compounding starts to overtake the monthly amounts that are added to the portfolio.

To summarize, the system for building wealth and passive income is really simple:
  • Buy quality dividend growth stocks every month 
  • Hold those shares for as long as the dividends are not cut 
  • Reinvest dividends selectively 
  • Maintain a diversified portfolio 
  • Be a patient buy and hold investor

Investors with a long-term outlook, who won't despise the days of small beginnings, and who patiently accumulate assets stand a chance to reach their financial goals and objectives.

You can sign up for a seven day free trial for the Dividend Growth Investor Newsletter by clicking on this link. If you have read this site for the past decade or more, you will likely enjoy the newsletter as well.

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