Saturday, December 27, 2014

Best Dividend Investing Articles of 2014

I am about to close the seventh consecutive year of running this website (the 7 year anniversary is January 19, 2015). You can see a list of all articles posted since inception here. I believe that the reason why I have been successful as a dividend investor comes down to the same traits I exhibit while running this website. Those traits include the ability to have a strategy, to do my own homework in selecting investments, follow that plan through thick and thin, and be patient and persistent over long periods of time. This website helps me write down and crystallize my thoughts about investing, makes me accountable to do the work in order to have an opinion on companies to invest it, and network with other investors with similar goals like mine.

It also helps me to stick to my strategy, and not deviate too much into unknown investment territory where I do not have the same edge as in dividend growth investing. The patience, persistence and perseverance are important traits for every dividend investor to have. When I started with this site in 2008 I was not discouraged that the amount of money I had to invest was not very high.  I kept writing on this site even when I was working 100 hours/week for several weeks in a row in 2012. I also kept posting when I was working 60 hours weeks for several years. This is the type of tenacity I need to have in order to succeed in anything. For example, I kept investing throughout the past 7 years, which included a steep bear market in 2007 – 2009, multiple corrections in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014, and fears of double dip recessions, wars, inflation, deflation and QE. I believe that the ability to save every month, putting it to work in a diversified portfolio of quality dividend growth stocks every month, and then selectively reinvesting those dividends, will help me reach my goals of covering my expenses from dividend income somewhere around 2018.

Now that this self-advertisement is over, I wanted to share with you the five articles posted in 2014, which readers found the most useful.

- The Dividend Kinds List for 2014

- How to retire in 10 years with dividend stocks

- My Dividend Goals for 2014 and after

- Seven Sleep Well at Night Dividend Stocks

- How to Become a Successful Dividend Investor

I wanted to thank you for reading Dividend Growth Investor website. I enjoy hearing from people that read the site often, and have learned a lot from many interactions with these investors. I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays! Good luck in your dividend investing journeys!

PS I also want to thank those five dividend investing blogs for sending readers to my site in 2014. Those include:

Dividend Mantra

Dividend Growth Stocks, Dividends Value and TheDiv-Net

Passive Income Pursuit

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The Dividend Guy Blog

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