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Reader Question and Answer (Q&A)

Every week, I highlight a list of the five most read articles on Dividend Growth Investor website. I also highlight five articles on investing, which I hope will be interesting to readers. This week, I want to change that a little. I want to hear what were some of the investing articles you, the reader, found interesting. Feel free to comment below, or email me at dividendgrowthinvestor at gmail dot com.

In addition, I wanted to see if there are any topics on dividend investing, that you want covered. I would have to warn you however that because this website has been around since early 2008,  chances are your topic of interest might have been covered partly or in full already. As a result, please check the archives first.

Last but not least, I wanted to give readers the opportunity to contribute a guest post on my site. I am interested in knowing more about your investment style. If you can contribute a general article on income investing, it would be helpful. There are only a few opportunities open at this moment for guest posts, so please hurry up. Before you hit the "Submit" button however, please think about what your target audience is, and how they can benefit from your advice. I would let you know if article will be posted or not.


  1. Greetings,
    My question regards asset allocation. As I am of retirement age, 62, and my investments are primarily for income and asset protection I have usually, following generally accepted advice been about 65/35 stocks to bonds. However with the knock on effects of the anticipation of 'tapering' bonds have been hammered pretty hard, esp. munis, though not, granted, as much as some REIT stocks. Consequently I have re-allocated and am now about 80/20, but this seems unbalanced, given that about 50% of my overall portfolio seems to be interest rate sensitive, i.e.bonds, REITS, MLP's as opposed to more conservative plays with lower yields as well as yields with higher growth rates.

    My question is thus on allocation to different types of asset classes.

    Any opinions?

  2. Why would someone jump in with the prices of stocks at these valuations? It seems that once the Fed drops the QE, we will see a significant drop in these prices and a better yield. What's the effect on waiting for the drop vs investing at these levels?

  3. Anon #1,

    I'm also 62 and retired. My portfolio is close to 100% equities. I choose to call my company pension & CPP the fixed income portion of my overall asset allocation.

  4. With rising interest rate, would REITs, MLPs, Utility stocks suffer (not dividends, though)?

  5. What advice would you give someone trying to do dividend growth investing but is no a US citizen and as such is exposed to a lot of tax if he buys US stocks with no access to sheltering it in a 401k

  6. Being 72 I am 100% in equities and have been for many decades. I would not know a bond if it sat on my lap!

    I do as much automatic dividend reinvesting as I can afford. I buy and I hold for decades or until the story changes.

    If the blue chips I hold go out of business then it will be the end of the country. Stay long stay strong.

  7. Retired and 65 and seeking asset and inflation preservation.

    Time the Market
    My investment adviser believes the market is over-priced and due for a correction soon. He suggests I maintain a slightly over weighted cash position and when a 10% pop occurs buy into the solid dividend companies ... I am seeking 10-15 year protection horizon

    Dividend Aristocrats and Champions Performance
    I would like to create a simple spreadsheet that shows standard monthly performance comparisons like Aristocrats, Champions, S&P 500 and then my 401K, a Managed Account etc. Is that performance chart for Dividend Sectors exist?

    Keep up the great posts!!

  8. What do investors use to track their DGI portfolio?

    I would like something where I can enter each transaction and then it will summarize dividend performance.

    Looked at sigfig ( and stockrover ( but they are not geared towards the DGI investor.

  9. I was wondering what your opinion of Business Development Corp's is? Are there any that you own/follow?

  10. I follow the same investment style as you. Subsequently, this is why I continue reading. Keep it up; always something.


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