Monday, November 16, 2009

Eight Companies Rewarding investors with higher payments

Most investors believe that successful dividend investing consists of identifying the highest yielding stocks in the market and then generating double digit returns on investment each year. The problem with this strategy it that it often overlooks the fact that such dividend yields are most often unsustainable in the long run. A much better strategy that could eventually produce double digit yield on cost to investors is dividend growth investing. Using this strategy a patient investor accumulates a diversified portfolio of stocks which have a long history of consistently growing dividends. The positive factor is that any investor can implement this strategy, especially now that brokerage commissions are almost zero.

As long as an investor is willing search for the best stocks that fit their criteria and do the work, focusing on dividend growth stocks should pay off in the long run. I identified the following dividend raisers for the past week.

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP), which provides technology-based outsourcing solutions to employers, and vehicle retailers and manufacturers, increased its quarterly dividend by 3% to 34 cents per share. The increased cash dividend marks the 35th consecutive year in which this dividend aristocrat has raised its dividend. . The stock currently yields 3.10%. (analysis)

MDU Resources Group (MDU) operates in six segments: Electric, Natural Gas and Oil Production, Construction Services, Pipeline and Energy Services, Construction Materials and Contracting, and Other. The company increased its quarterly dividend by 1.60% to 15.75 cents per share. MDU Resources Group is a dividend achiever, which has raised distributions for 19 years in a row. The company also boasts 72 consecutive years of uninterrupted quarterly common stock dividend payments. The stock currently yields 2.80%.

Tennant Company (TNC), which engages in the design, manufacture, and marketing of cleaning solutions, increased its quarterly dividend by 6% to 14 cents per share. Tennant Companyis a dividend champion, which has raised distributions for 38 years in a row. The stock currently yields 1.90%.

Vodafone Group (VOD), which is engaged in providing service, such as voice, messaging, data and fixed line and others, increased its interim dividend by 3.5% to 2.66 pence per share. The final dividend for 2009 was 5.2 pence/share. Vodafone Group is an international dividend achiever, which has raised distributions for over one decade. The stock currently yields 5.80%.

DeVry Inc. (DV), which owns and operates DeVry University, Advanced Academics, Ross University, Chamberlain College of Nursing, and Becker Professional Review, increased its annual dividend by 25% to 20 cents per share. DeVry Inc. started paying dividends in 2006 and has been raising distributions consistently ever since. The stock currently yields only 0.30% however."The dividend increase and continuation of the share repurchase program reflect our strong financial position and outlook for the future," said Daniel Hamburger, DeVry’s president and chief executive officer. "We will continue to put our students first and invest in academic quality, which we believe leads to sustainable, long term growth and increased shareholder value.”

Span-America Medical Systems, Inc. (SPAN), which engages in the manufacture and distribution of various polyurethane foam products for the medical, consumer, and industrial markets in the United States and Canada, increased its quarterly dividend by 2.2% to 47 cents per share. Span-America Medical Systems doesn’t have a consistent history of raising distributions however. The stock currently yields 2.20%.

Baxter International Inc. (BAX), which develops, manufactures, and markets products for people with hemophilia, immune disorders, infectious diseases, kidney disease, trauma, and other chronic and acute medical conditions., increased its quarterly dividend by 12% to 29 cents per share. Baxter International Inc. has only started raising distributions since 2007. The stock currently yields 2.00%.

AmerisourceBergen Corporation (ABC), a pharmaceutical services company, offers drug distribution and related services to healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, increased its quarterly dividend by 33% to 8 cents per share. AmerisourceBergen Corporation has raised distributions since 2005. The stock currently yields only 1.00%.

Checking the weekly pulse of dividend growers is an important part of the dividend investor’s routine. It is generally a bullish sign when a company which has raised distributions for over 3 decades keeps raising them even through a recession. It also might help investors in identifying any future dividend growth stories, before they become mainstream holdings.

Full Disclosure: Long ADP

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