Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ten Links for March 21, 2009

As a new feature on the blog, I am adding the ten articles from around the blogosphere that I enjoyed. Check out the links below:

Barron's Electronic Investor has a nice overview of dividend investing resources available to investors in Where to Find High, Safe Stock Yields. Yours truly was also featured in there.

Canadian Capitalist analyzed the Toronto Star article on Derek Foster, the self proclaimed "Canadian Youngest Retiree" and also gave us several reasons why Selling puts isn’t “money for nothing”.

Four-Pillars also analyzed the Derek Foster story in Is Dividend Investing Dead? The Derek Foster Story. He also hosted Edition #197 of Carnival of Personal Finance and included my post on master limited partnerships.

DividendsValue wrote about something that has been on my mind for months now -Should You Sell A Dividend Stock After A Dividend Freeze?. While I disagree with him on selling after a dividend freeze, since historic data does not support this decision, the article is showing how one could have cut their losses significantly.

Jason Kelly reviewed the most recent ebook from Dave Van Knapp of titled "The Top 40 Dividend Stocks For 2009". Check out the book description from this page.

This article provides an opposing view to mine on dividend cuts and suspensions. Not Paying a Dividend is Now a Sign of Prudence.

Cliff Wachtel wrote a post in 5 parts titled "The High Dividend Stock Investor's Collapsing Dollar Survival Guide".

StockerBlog made a list of Monthly Dividend Stocks. Dividend Growth Investor readers know however that one could create a portfolio for monthly income,even if dividends are paid out every quarter.

TJ Smith from Bullish Bankers provided a list with "Five Dividends to Count On".

Disciplined Approach to Investing gave us an overview of Oracle Corp: New Dividend and Currency Impact. Cash Rich tech companies are starting to pay out dividends to shareholders.

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