Sunday, March 8, 2009

10 Links to Enjoy This Weekend

I will start another regular blog post on weekends in addition to my columns on dividend raisers for the week, stock analysis and education that I write. It will be featuring the best ten investing articles on the net that I have found and truly enjoyed. If you found an article that you enjoyed and learned a lot from, please do not hesitate to send it my way.My e-mail is dividendgrowthinvestor at gmail dot com.

Here is the list of the ten articles I enjoyed this week:

Canadian Capitalist posted about another way for dividend growth investors to compound their dividends in “DRIP discounts from BMO and RY”.

Saving to Invest informed us that the real unemployment rate will rapidly move from a recession to a depression in Week in Review: 15% - America's Real Unemployment Rate

Four Pillars informed us that GE’s dividend cut was first since 1938. It is interesting to note that GE stock is down almost 20% from the dividend cut announcement last Friday.

Dividendsvalue provided an interesting insight about financial companies and TARP in TARP Trips: You Can’t Stop At Just One.

Triaging My Way To Financial Success blog posted about General Motors in The Ultimate Value Trap – Bankruptcy Needed. It is pretty sad for shareholders that GM stock is trading at levels since 1933.

Buffetts Letter to Shareholders was big hit and was analysed by bloggers. Check out Fat Pitch Financials analysis of the event in Warren Buffett’s 2008 Letter to Shareholders.

Stocks are getting cheaper these days. Some are even trading below cash. Shadow Stock blog gives us a list of Four Net Cash Bargains.

The Dividend Guy Blog expects lower Future Stock Market Returns than the 10% average we have all learned to expect.

Dividend Cuts and Suspensions are a Natural Characteristics of Economic Cycle according to Dividend Tree.

MyMoneyBlog gives an interesting overview of a strategy called The Permanent Portfolio Asset Allocation.

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