Monday, November 17, 2008

Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio Changes for the quarter

The SEC just released an updated list of Berkshire Hathaway’s stock holdings as of 09/30/2008. The Oracle of Omaha, who is the main capital allocator for Berkshire added to the following positions:

Buffett decreased Berkshire Hathaway's stake in the following holdings:

It’s interesting to note that Buffett had filed a filing pursuant to a request for confidential treatment for his stake in Conoco Phillips. He certainly is aware of all the other copy cat investors who follow his every move, which explains the filing for confidential treatment of his COP stake.
Another interesting fact is that Buffett seems to act like a typical dividend growth investor by selling over half of his stake in Bank of America, which cut its dividend by 50% several weeks ago.
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  1. Im guessing that Buffett also believes that the demand for oil isn't disappearing anytime soon.

    ETN is also a company that I looked at 1 year ago when it was in the 70's. Thanks to Buffett for the reminder and I'll be looking at the possibilities of adding it to my own portfolio after I do a review.

  2. Jae,

    Checking out the SEC filings is pretty fun when you know what to look for :-)

  3. ETN is a company I tracked and recently purchased this year so its interesting to see Buffett dipping his toes into that sector. The one surprise for me was WFC and the small sale of that position. Without looking into it more I wonder if it was more of a rebalancing action with the relative strength of the shares over the past year.

  4. I have been looking at COP for awhile now because oil will eventually revert to 100+ in the long term. 4% yield is pretty good as well. What are your thoughts on this stock?

  5. I have never really looked into COP. Just CVX or XOM. I wonder however if Buffett didn't initiate this position and added to it only as an inflaiton hedge.. or because the present value of the reserves exceeded the current market cap for this oil producer. Another option could be that WB saw the oil prices going up,up, up.. And decided to jump in :-)

  6. I wonder if Buffett will take the same grief I did for selling BAC? :)

    Oil will not stay down, I am watching CVX for another drop.

    Best Wishes,

  7. Question for those of you that expect oil to go back up: what's your rationale for your expectation? With a global recession imminent and a crash in oil prices so large that it's obvious oil prices were inflated by massive speculation I wonder why anyone thinks oil will trade so far above it's long term average price?


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