Monday, December 13, 2021

Sixteen Companies Spreading Holiday Cheers To Shareholders

 As part of my review process, I evaluate dividend increases every week. This process helps me to see how my portfolio holdings are doing. It also helps me to uncover and review new candidates for my portfolio.

I look for dependable dividends from companies with a minimum ten-year streak of annual dividend increases, fueled by earnings growth. I look for dependable dividends from companies with dependable earnings, and solid competitive advantages, which I can acquire at attractive valuations.

During the past week, the following companies increased dividends to shareholders. Each company has a ten year streak of annual dividend increases. I review the latest dividend increase relative to the ten year average, and the growth in earnings per share over the past decade. Last but not least, I discuss current valuation. The companies include:

This is a list of companies for further review. Most seem attractive as businesses, but that doesn’t mean that they should be invested in at any price, regardless of valuation.

The next step is to check each business, in order to determine if it is worth further review. I would look at ten year trends in earnings per share, dividends per share, payout ratios, shares outstanding. I would try to understand what the business does, and make an assessment if the good times would continue, so that I can expect higher earnings, dividends and intrinsic values over time. I would look at the valuation relative to earnings and dividend growth, in order to determine if the business is fairly valued, if it looks promising too. For a sample analysis of Union Pacific from 2015, check this article

I wanted to add that while CVS Health (CVS) does not have a ten year streak of annual dividend increases, it did raise quarterly dividends by 10% to 55 cents/share. This was the first dividend raise since 2017. 

I also wanted to note that in Enbridge's case, the dividend amounts are in Canadian Dollars.

Companies listed in this post include: ABT, ARE, AVGO, CHRW, EIX, ENB, MAA, PFE, PNR, SYK, TEL, THG, TRN, WM, ZTS

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