Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Investing Beliefs, Weakly Held

I wanted to touch base with you, and see if I can learn from your experiences.

I recently asked folks on Twitter the following question:

"What is something you used to believe about investing, but do not believe anymore?"

I received some interesting responses. You can check some of them here.

I also reached out to readers in my investing newsletter, and they offered some great ideas as well.

I wanted to reach out to you and see if you would be willing to share any investing beliefs you had, which you no longer have. If you are willing to do so, I would also appreciate hearing more about the reasoning behind the decision.

You can feel free to post your comment below.

I will likely use those in an article that may appear some time in the future. Obviously, your names/profile names would not be used.

Thank you for reading!

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