Monday, October 1, 2018

Best Dividend Investing Articles For September

For your reading enjoyment, I have highlighted several articles that the readers found of particular interest this month. I have included the article title, as well as a short description.

September 2018 Dividend Champions List
I included a listing of dividend champions for September 2018. As part of my monitoring process, I took upon myself to update the list of Dividend Champions every month. I have found it very helpful to update the list, in an effort to monitor more closely the list of dividend champions. This is the third update of the dividend champions list I have done so far. You can also review the last one containing the October 2018 Dividend Champions list here.

Abbvie Dividend Stock Analysis
I analyzed Abbvie, which was spun-off from Abbott in 2013. The company appeared on my value screen for a while. The stock sells at 14.60 times forward earnings and yields 4.10%. The dividend is adequately covered as well. I had to dig into the fundamentals in order to determine if it is a good long-term investment. 

I analyzed 3M in the article. 3M is a dividend king with a 60 year record of annual dividend increases. I took a deep dive in fundamentals and also performed a qualitative analysis of the company. I like 3M as a long-term investment, but unfortunately the valuation is one of the factors preventing me from adding to my position.

Where to find international dividend paying stocks?
A common question I have received from readers has to deal with finding quality dividend growth stocks that are not US based. For readers who are willing to do a little bit more research, there is the possibility to uncover hidden dividend gems abroad, which are under-followed and possibly undervalued. There are several lists of foreign dividend growth stocks that can be used in your research. I outline a few sources that could be used for further research.

Question to readers:

I also wanted to ask the readers about helpful articles on dividend investing they have recently read. For this exercise, please use articles from other authors. Please feel free to email me at dividendgrowthinvestor at gmail dot com.

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