Saturday, October 12, 2013

Interesting Articles on Dividend Investing For Week of October 12, 2013

For your weekend reading enjoyment, I have highlighted a few interesting articles from the archives, which I find to be relevant today. The first five articles have been written and posted on this site, while the last five have been selected from other authors. I tend to post anywhere between three to four articles to my site every week. I usually try to write at least one or two articles that contain timeless information concerning dividend investing. This could include information about my strategy, or other pieces of information, which could be useful to dividend investors.
Below, I have highlighted a few articles posted on this site, which many readers have found interesting:
I read a lot about companies, and also read a lot of interesting articles from all over the web. A few that I really enjoyed over the past several months include:
    Thank you for reading Dividend Growth Investor site. I am also on Twitter, if you are interested in following me on another platform, where I usually post about recent trades I have made. If you can think of anything else I could cover, please do not hesitate to comment below. I purchased shares of Vodafone (VOD) and General Mills (GIS) in my ROTH IRA portfolio on Tuesday.


    1. Do you have any opinion regarding using higher yielding securities (MLPs or REITs) to kick start the dividend income compounding process? In other words, using a higher entry yield to get the train rolling, then selectively reinvesting the dividends into the lower entry yield, high growth stalwarts (JNJ, MCD, WMT, etc.) Can higher starting yield provide an engine for accumulating long term growers for the beginning div growth investor? Maybe a topic for a future post? Many thanks!

    2. DGI,

      Thanks for the kind mention. I do appreciate it!

      Have a great weekend. :)

      Best regards.

    3. Hi Tyler,

      That sounds like an interesting idea. You are correct however that a whole post could be written about it.

      Stay Tuned!


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