Saturday, July 27, 2013

Best Articles for July 2013 & Recent Additions to My Portfolio

For your weekend reading enjoyment, I have highlighted a few interesting articles from the archives, which I find to be relevant today. The first five articles have been written and posted on this site, while the last five have been selected from other authors. I tend to post anywhere between three to four articles to my site every week. I usually try to write at least one or two articles that contain timeless information concerning dividend investing. This could include information about my strategy, or other pieces of information, which could be useful to dividend investors.
I also either added to my positions or initiated positions in about eleven dividend paying stocks. You can check my tweet here, and can possibly expect a more detailed post next week.

I read a lot about companies, and also read a lot of interesting articles from all over the web. A few that I really enjoyed over the past several months include:

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  1. I looked at your tweet - thanks for bringing DPS to my attention.

    On another note, regarding WFC, I looked back at your blog posting as recent as Friday, May 17, 2013, "Should you invest in Wells Fargo (WFC)?", in which you said, "...until I can see revenues increasing, I am going to sit this one out on the sidelines." So, why the change of heart?

  2. So you finally bought WFC :-)

    I think it's a great addition to your portfolio, it surely has more potential going upward.

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    I liked the company, its cross-selling platform, and customer relationships. It could be a good hold for the next 20 years. I think I was wrong on WFC in May, because I viewed it from a near term perspective of next year or the year after that. So I essentially did not view it from the eyes of a long-term holder, but from the eyes of someone with a shorter time frame. Also, it is difficult to find cheap stocks today for me, that also have potential.

    The new position is small, approximately 1/2 of a typical lot for me. The revenues are still flat, and could be so for the next year or so. But the real question is, will EPS hold and increase over the next 20 years? I think they can. The US is here to stay, no matter what the naysayers are telling you - therefore everyone who can afford to, will try to achieve a piece of the American dream. Believe it or not, people do want to live a better life ;-0

    I am also testing water with DPS as well..

  4. DGI,

    Hey, glad to have you on board with WFC! I think you'll be happy you invested in this bank over the long haul. You mentioned the cross-selling platform, and that's definitely one of their strengths. I went in a WFC branch a while back to inquire about mortgages and had some general questions and everyone at the branch was great to talk to, and the way they talk about their other services is very natural and not high pressure. I'm actually thinking of switching to WFC, as I like to use the services and products of the companies I invest with.

    Thanks for the kind mention. Much appreciated. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Summer is in full swing.

    Best wishes!

  5. DGI, I like your list. Great site for inspiration and knowledge! Thanks for sharing it.


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