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Best Dividend Articles as of Mid-October 2011

For your Weekend reading enjoyment, I have highlighted some of the most popular articles from the past month, which were posted on this site.

In this article, I describe ten dividend champions, which have managed to increase distributions at double digit rates over the past decade.

In this article, I calculate my year to date return of the four stocks I selected as part of an ongoing stock competition. I went back and noticed that i performed as well as S&P 500 in 2009, while outperforming handily in 2010 and so far in 2011.

In this article, I explain how dividend growth stocks provide a rising stream of income to investors, which typically meets or exceeds the rate of inflation. Therefore, the right type of dividend growth stocks provide solid capital gains and an inflation adjusted stream of income.

In this article I attempted to create a framework for choosing between dividend stocks, given the constraints that I face in terms of capital, diversification and stock attractiveness.

I am also actively seeking feedback from readers on topics of interest for future articles. Feel free to post your ideas below. I can also be reached back at dividendgrowthinvestor at gmail dot com.


  1. How about writing strategies on how you can safely use options with dividend growth stocks? Just an idea on something that I would like to learn more about. thanks.

  2. 2 Topics come to mind-
    A while ago you mentioned extrapolating the stock price of JNJ in 2020. I think it might be fun to see you try to do that and what process you might take? I can understand if you would want to avoid such speculation, however.
    Also it might be nice to hear your goals? Several years ago you stated early retirement and perhaps moving out of the country. How do you feel about that now?

    I am just grateful for your continued output and really appreciate what you have to say generally. Even just repeating the same themes over and over again would be quite useful, at least for me, because often human nature is such that we need to be consistently reminded of basic, common sense tenets and truisms. This also applies to investing which is often emotional.

    Historical returns are also useful.

    Actually here is a good one. PG has paid dividends since 1891, yes? So, what did the dividend stream look like before 1957? Why were there fluctuations or cuts, how extreme were the cuts? What did a dividend growth investor's income stream look like from 1920-1955? Perhaps using such names as IBM, CL, PG, KO. That would be fascinating.


  3. I would like to know if it is a good idea to invest in dividend paying companies through ETFs, what are the pros and cons and which ETFs would you recommend.


  4. This is a nice list of articles. I found your blog through Dividend Mantra. I hope to retire one day and live off my dividends. Good luck and I will continue to read your blog...

    Income Pirate



  6. Readers,

    Some of the topics you asked for have already been covered before. You can look for them by going through the archives. In addition, there is a search term at the top left of the site.


    I have written about options before. I am not a fan of using options.

    Start with this article and follow the links inside:

    First Anon,

    My goals are to generate enough in dividend income in order to meet my expenses. I am still targeting early retirement and potentially moving out of the country. However, However I think that I would need a higher amount than the initially required $200K. Anyways, I should be able to generate enough in dividends by 2014 -2015 to meet expenses. The original plan from 2008 was to reach this goal in 6 - 7 years, so I am on schedule.

    I am not sure about extrapolating JNJ till 2020 however..


    You can search for dividend etfs on the top right box on this site.

    Here is one of the many articles I have written about ETFs:

    Follow the links inside the article to other articles about ETFs.

    Last Anonymous,

    I am not a fan of royalty trusts, because they have depletable resource bases. That means that they have the odds stacked against them in generating enough in income to pay increasing dividends each year. Quite on the contrary, most trusts pay decreasing dividends.

  7. Any thoughts about Kinder Morgan buying El Paso?

  8. While the US market has been performing remarkably well during this recession, don't you think you are over exposing yourself to it?

    Joking aside we have learnt very little and this year are going to spend nearly twice as much money as we earned.

    For an average household this would be a disastrous results...

    I am a great believer in the free market, but what such expenses vs. earnings are mind boggling.

  9. I would be really interested in getting your take on m-Reits.

    Even the ones investing in guaranteed mortgages are sporting huge yields, that somehow seem to reach beyond the implied risks of these vehicles - which mainly seems to be short-term interest rates, mortgage redemptions and potential policy changes.

    Do you see them as worthy of being part of a dividend investor's portfolio?

  10. When looking at stocks that you analyze, how do you know when the price is right to enter?


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