Saturday, August 7, 2010

$50 Tradeking Brokerage Cash Bonus

Tradeking, which is a stock brokerage, has a limited time promotion for new clients. The promotion expires August 31, 2010 ( source: Tradeking

I'd love for you to check out my online broker, They're growing like gangbusters thanks to word-of-mouth referrals. To celebrate National Friendship Day on August 1, they're offering us both a great, limited-time offer with their "Refer a Friend" program.

Whenever someone I refer funds a new account with at $1,000 or more and makes their first trade, TradeKing automatically deposits $50 into my account -- and another $50 into yours.
I'm not just in it for the free money, though. TradeKing has quickly become one of the best online brokers in the business and they give you a lot of bang for your buck-just $4.95 per trade (plus 65 cents per option contract, if you trade options). And I'm not the only one who thinks so:

-- SmartMoney rated TradeKing #1 in customer service in 2009 and 2010
-- Barron's has awarded TradeKing 4 out of 5 stars for four years straight
-- Kiplinger's says "TradeKing reigns" in customer service, awarding them their highest rating of five stars.

I'm sure you'll love TradeKing as much as I do. Once you've opened an account, you can earn $50 for every friend you refer, too. Just make sure you click the link below when you sign up, so they'll know I sent you.


  1. Do they allow you choose to either automatically reinvest dividends or take cash payments?

  2. Dude, what link?

  3. How does Tradeking handle dividends? Is there an option to automatically reinvest? Can you buy partial shares?

  4. Dividend Reinvestment. They offer free automatic dividend reinvestment, with the ability to purchase fractional shares. This can be set for all your stock holdings, or just specific ones. This is nice if you have ETFs and you want to reinvest dividends like you used to with mutual funds.

    You can either click the link above the banner, or the image banner.

  5. Trade king is number one on my list of potential online brokerage options. The $50 bonus makes it that much sweeter! Thanks for posting.

  6. Take a look at, they charge $2.50 per trade.

    Not that good with charting software but if you have ninja trader software or whatever tools(free) available out there its not a bad deal :-)


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