Friday, October 24, 2008

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Stock Portfolio Holdings

Warren Buffett, the student of the now famous father or value investing Ben Graham, is the greatest stock investor of our times. He has built his flagship company, Berkshire Hathaway from a small mill to a diversified conglomerate with a total market cap of 175 billion dollars. His company holds a wide portfolio of over 30 individual stocks traded on US exchanges in addition to many private companies like Nebraska Furniture Mart and Geico. Despite the fact that it is generally not recommended to follow guru’s advice blindly without doing your homework, researchers have proven the fact that mimicking Berkshire Hathaway’s stock portfolio would have yielded tremendous gains over the past 30 years.

Below you could find Berkshire Hathaway’s stock holdings as of 6/30/2008. You could open the spreadsheet from this link as well.

This article originally appeared on The DIV-Net one week ago. It also appeared on 37th Carnival of Money Hacks: Wonders of the World.

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  1. Definitely the greatest investor of all time. But it should be noted that Berkshire's returns starting in the 1990's were due more to the operating businesses they own outright, rather then Berkshire's investments in equities.

    Mimicking Buffett is also dangerous because his holding period is forever whereas you and me, unlike a corporation, cannot live forever.

    Just my 2 cents. Here's a good article talking more about his retunrs as of recent from the WSJ:



  2. Ethan,

    Thanks for the article. I will definitely check it out.


  3. You got a much better view of Buffett's holdings here


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