Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Attractively Valued International dividend stocks

Ever since the broad market indexes entered into bear market territory and the dollar stopped falling against most of the major currencies, I have been checking the international dividend achievers list for bargains. I came up with the following dividend stocks list, using the followoing screen criteria:

1) Company has consistently increased dividends for more than 5 consecutive years
2) The P/E ratio is less than 20
3) The Dividend Payout Ratio does not exceed 50%
4) The dividend yield is equal to or higher than the dividend yield on the S&P 500

This screen selected 38 out of the 97 international dividend achievers in the index. You could check out the list from this link as well.

As usual this list is just a starting point. Before you leap into buying these stocks always check out at least the ten year financials trends in order to determine how your potential investment has performed over time. In addition to that try reading the annual reports but don’t get caught up in recent developments which would prevent you from seeing the big picture.

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