Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Dividend Investing and Value Network (DIV-Net).

It is with great pleasure that I announce the debut of The Dividend Investing and Value Network (DIV-Net).

Dividend Growth Investor is proud to be a founding member of this new investing network. DIV-Net is a network of investors focused on dividend investing, value investing and a long-term buy and hold philosophy.We want The DIV-Net site to be a destination. Unlike most networks, The DIV-Net site will provide original unpublished content daily from a growing network that contains the best authors in the field. Seven Core Members are responsible for maintaining and administering The DIV-Net site and the DIV-Net network.This is where some networks stop. However, we so strongly believe in the virtues of dividend investing, value investing and a long-term buy and hold philosophy and did not want to limit DIV-Net to just seven members. In our desire to include as many bloggers that are interested in dividend investing, value investing and a long-term buy and hold philosophy, we created an Associate Membership.

Our Core Members include:

The Dividend Guy
Dividend Growth Investor
the moneygardener
Stock Market Prognosticator
The Div Guy
Disciplined Approach to Investing

Our Associate Members include:

Living Off Dividends and Passive Income
Old School Value
The Dividend Investing Blog
Triaging My Way To Financial Success
Dividend Money

In addition, DIV-Net sponsors a weekly Investing Carnival. The carnival's focus is on Value Investing, Dividend Investing and Long-term Buy-and-Hold Investing. There are also categories for real estate, commodities and other alternative investments. We welcome your relevant articles. To participate please submit your article here no later than 5:00 PM ET each Sunday. The Carnival will post every Tuesday. If you are interested in hosting, please e-mail dividendgrowthinvestor [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

At The DIV-Net, we do things differently. Check us out, we think you will find we do things better!

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