Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Selected Dividend Increases in May

Several Dividend Aristocrats have increased their dividends in May. The companies are:

From this list, the only companies that fit my fundamental criteria are PEP, CLX and ROH.

Expected dividend increases in June

Based off historical information from this spreadsheet, I would expect that the following companies increase their dividend in June: BCR, BDX, STT, and TGT. Those dividend aristocrats have increased their dividends during every month of February over the past 4 years. Upon a closer examination of the dividend growth stock behavior of the 60 dividend aristocrats, it seems that every month there is at least one company that raises its dividend. It’s nice to get a pay raise every month. The only company that has increased its dividend twice in one year is STT- State Street.

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  1. Out of your top 3 PEP, and CLX both have direct purchase plans.
    Here are the stats for them.
    Minimum first time purchase $250
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    Minimum additional purchase $50

    Minimum first time purchase $250
    Initial set up fee $15

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    Direct purchase plans have their pros and cons

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  2. It is going to be interesting times over the next 12-18 months as some long-time dividend payers fall off the wagon.

    Best Wishes,


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