Monday, March 3, 2008

Dividend Growth Investor Hosts the 78th Festival of Stocks

I am honored to host my first edition of Festival of Stocks. Special thanks to George at Fat Pitch Financials for giving me this opportunity. Here are this week’s submissions that I selected for this edition. Take a look and enjoy!
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George presents Consistent Cash Creators, Part 2: Linear vs. Exponential Growth posted at Fat Pitch Financials.

The Dividend Guy presents Dividend Stock Wednesday: Automatic Data Processing (ADP-NYSE) posted at The Dividend Guy Blog.

Dividends4Life presents My Dirty Little Secret posted at Dividends4Life. Having his house referred to as "his single largest asset" always grated him. It usually was because the people that made that statement usually were trying to sell him something he really didn't want.

Nate Tobik presents Do software companies have moats? posted at Stock Value Finder.

American Dividend Investor presents his analysis of Citigroup posted at American Dividend Investor.

Alex G presents Is Monsanto worth more than Home Depot? posted at Contrarian Value Investing.

John Crenshaw presents Pay Off Mortgage Tips posted at Truthful Lending Mortgage, Refinance Advice. There's been quite a bit of debate lately over whether or not you should pay off your mortgage or invest any extra money. This article explores the different mortgage payoff methods and will help you decide which, if any, are right for you.

Tyler presents How Not To Make Money In Stocks Guaranteed! posted at Dividend Money.

Steve Alexander presents Cherokee Inc - Store Brands To Go posted at MagicDiligence - Optimizing Joel Greenblatts Value Stock Investing Strategy, saying that Cherokee is an incredibly profitable small cap paying a 9% dividend yield.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Improve Investment and Financial Results - Simplify and Conquer posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Dorian Wales presents Inflation Rearing Its Ugly Head posted at The Personal Financier.

FIRE Finance presents Tax FREE Money Market Mutual Funds! posted at FIRE Finance.

Thomas Ott presents EMCOR Group Inc. (EME) posted at Neural Market Trends .

Rocko presents Stock Market Downside Bets posted at Days Of A Neophyte Mathematician.

debbie presents Gold: A Bad Investment » American Consumer News posted at American Consumer News.

Vlada Kynsky presents StockWeb: Tech stocks technically posted at StockWeb.

Raymond presents The Best Online Discount Investment Brokers posted at Money Blue Book.

Super Saver presents 2/25/08 Stock Purchase Update - Trimming The Portfolio posted at My Wealth Builder.

Michael Bass presents The Economics of Gold Investments posted at Debt Prison, saying that the real question is whether a discretionary paper currency managed by Central Bankers perform can perform as well a gold standard.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Beat The Average Investor's Returns With The Simplest Investment Portfolio posted at The Digerati Life.

KcLau presents Credit Cards: From Foes to Friends posted at KCLau's Money Tips. His article is discussing what a credit card is all about and how one can avoid credit card debts. It also touches on how one can actually make money from his credit cards.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of festival of stocks using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our Festival of Stocks Index Page.

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