Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I got a 10% raise from CSL (Carlisle Companies)

I was checking my stocks when Street Insider reported this news yesterday:

Carlisle Companies Inc. (NYSE: CSL) today announced that its Board has approved a 10% increase in its quarterly dividend from $0.14 to $0.155 per common share, payable on September 1 to shareholders of record on August 15.

This marks the 32nd consecutive year of dividend increases for Carlisle shareholders.Carlisle Companies Incorporated engages in the manufacture and sale of construction materials in the United States and internationally.

That's a pretty nice raise to get - 10% just for identifying a solid company with a sound business model. You could check my analysis of CSL here.

Using the dividend tool that Dividend Investing Blog has on his blog, I was able to easily get the annual dividend payments for CSL.

A 7.60% average dividend growth over the past decade is not bad at all. In fact if CSL achieves a similar dividend growth over the next decade, the annual dividend payment per share will double.

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  1. Way to go, congrats. I like the way you put that: "10% raise". :)

    Never heard of Carlisle, I will take a look.

  2. Money Energy,

    Thank you very much for your comments and thanks for stopping by!


  3. hey there,
    thanks for the analysis, however
    when I looked into the cash flow details, it looks very poor, why
    is the cash flow going down ? I am
    concern because I am value investor.


  4. TomTom,

    If you check the quarterly or annual statements of cash flows you will see how strong the cash position in the company is.
    Since you are a value investor, what do you think about the inceases in shareholders equity over the past 10 years?


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