Monday, October 20, 2008

111th Festival of Stocks

Welcome to the October 20, 2008 edition of Festival of Stocks. If you aren't familiar with my blog, Dividend Growth Investor, it is a value and dividend investing blog dedicated to finding superior dividend investments which would provide an increasing stream of dividend income over time. I encourage you to subscribe for free to my blog feed to keep up with my latest postings.

Now that you are familiar with Dividend Growth Investor, let’s take a look at this week’s Festival of Stock participants. If you are a blogger and you are looking to get your name out there, check out the Festival of Stocks schedule and ask George to sign you up to host this famous festival.

As for this edition there were 19 submitters that made the cut. Here are this week’s entries:

Sandy Naidu presents Warren Buffet?s Advice posted at Future Nest Egg.

Andy presents The Crashes of 2008 - Year End Predictions posted at $aving to Invest.

Lee Hall presents The Bailout: the Winners and the Losers posted at Cheap Lee Dot Com.

Adam Freedman presents The Temptations of the Stock Market posted at The Investor's Journal.

Will presents Recession, Panicking Investors, Stock Market Freefall… What Is Warren Buffett Doing? posted at Your Finish Rich Plan.

Benjamin presents Are World Financial Markets Still "Perfect"? posted at Trees Full of Money.

Marcus presents Stock Market Education For Beginners - Learning From Your Mistakes posted at Stock Market Investing For Beginners.

D4L presents Stock Analysis: Intel Corporation (INTC) Attractively Priced posted at Dividends4Life.

Steve Alexander presents Quick Take - Take Two Interactive (TTWO) posted at MagicDiligence - The Best Magic Formula Stocks.

David presents How Your Portfolio Performance Compared With the Averages Determine the Risk You Are Taking posted at Investing School.

Contrarian Profits presents 4 Ways to Play the Coming Stock Market Rally posted at Contrarian Profits.

Enoch Ko presents Security Analysis: Chapter 1: The Scope and Limitations of Security Analysis. The Concept of Intrinsic Value posted at The Wealth Accumulator.

Michael Cintolo presents A Word on Long-Term Optimism posted at The Iconoclast Investor.

Jae Jun presents Update: Puget Energy (PSD) Arbitrage posted at Old School Value.

Mark presents Many NCAV's Stein Mart SMRT, Superior Uniform SGC, SPAR, USU posted at Stock Pursuit.

MBB presents How To Become A Millionaire and Get Rich In 10 Steps posted at Money Blue Book Finance Blog.

Leon Gettler presents Hedge fund implosion posted at Sox First.

Super Saver presents Bottoming of the Stock Market is Testing my Patience posted at My Wealth Builder.

James Cullen presents "Surveying the Rubble" posted at College Analysts.

That concludes this edition of the Festival of Stocks. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Festival of Stocks using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our Festival of Stocks index page for those of you interested in reviewing the archives.
Next week’s Festival of Stocks will be at The Div-Net. The hosting schedule is booking up quick for the end of 2008. If you are interested in hosting a future edition of the Festival of Stocks, please visit the schedule to find a free slot. Then contact George with the name of your site, blog URL, email address, and the date your prefer to host.

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