Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Investing Carnival #8

Welcome to the August 19, 2008 edition of Investing Carnival supported by the members of The Dividend and Value Investing Network The Div-Net.

Stock Analyses

Dividends4Life presents Stock Analysis: Family Dollar Stores Inc. (FDO) posted at Dividends 4 Life, saying, "Family Dollar Stores Inc. operates a chain of more than 6,500 retail discount stores in 44 states across the U.S. Linked here is a detailed stock analysis and commentary."

Old School Value presents A Company That Sounds Like A Transformer: K-Tron, posted at Old School Value.

Value Investing

Steve Alexander presents Book Review: The Tao of Warren Buffett posted at MagicDiligence - Optimizing Joel Greenblatts Value Stock Strategy, saying, "The Tao of Warren Buffett is a thought provoking collection of quotes and aphorisms from the world's greatest investor."

Wealth Accumulation

Raymond presents How To Open A Roth IRA Account And Which Broker To Use posted at Money Blue Book.


Contrarian Profits presents How to Profit From OPEC Nations’ 2008 Windfall posted at Contrarian Profits, saying, "We’ve said it here before, but it’s worth repeating: People still have to eat, even in downturn. Adam Lass in Taipan Daily says one stock worth a look right now is Buffalo Wild Wings (NASDAQ:BWLD). He has examined its chart and says this stock could gain as much as 35% over the next few weeks. That’s because America’s wealthy “are dummying up, pulling in their horns and battening down the hatches.” And this is good news for restaurants such Buffalo Wild Wings, whose customer base is swelling as the rich go downmarket. More from Adam…"

David presents Investment Opportunities in Energy Independence posted at Physician Entrepreneur, saying, "Most likely, oil prices will not be going below $60/barrel, and this will encourage continued attention and investment in making America more energy independent."

FIRE Getters presents How To Measure The Performance of A Mutual Fund? posted at FIRE Finance.

Qovax presents More Important Than Margin of Safety? posted at Value Investing and Entrepreneurship by Qovax, a Software Startup, saying, "As I mentioned in my earlier post As I mentioned in my earlier post The Best Kept Secret to Successful Investing, the most important rule to remember in investing is never lose money. However, there is one assumption that could throw all your assumptions off course, even with a wide margin of safety."

Livingalmostlarge presents To Roth or Not? posted at LivingAlmostLarge.

The Investor presents How a boring broker will make you richer posted at Monevator.com, saying, "You’re going to laugh. You’ll think I’m mad. But I think you want to look for an online broker with a dealing screen that’s… boring. Dull. Colorless. This article explains why."

Sandy Naidu presents Behavioral Finance - Investor Psychology - Behavioral Finance Stock Market Investment FutureNestEgg posted at Future Nest Egg.

Sandy Naidu presents Emergency Fund Savings - Emergency Fund Tips FutureNestEgg posted at Future Nest Egg.

David presents Goldman End 10 Year Bearish Postion On The Dollar posted at HF Markets - Online TRading.

LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS presents Rogers Still Bullish On Commodities posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS & PASSIVE INCOME, saying, "Jim Rogers explains why he's still bullish on commodities"

Dorian Wales presents How to Invest Wisely In a Bear Market? posted at The Personal Financier, saying, "Bear markets present a challenge for any investor with the end never in sight. How do we invest wisely in a bear market?"

Raag Vamdatt presents When “at-par” is not so good: New Fund Offer (NFO) versus existing MF schemes :: RaagVamdatt.com :: Financial Planning demystified posted at RaagVamdatt.com.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents A First Look At Asset Allocation posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Thank you!"

The Financial Blogger presents Beta and Alpha posted at The Financial Blogger, saying, "So what are beta and alpha? They are two measures made on historical returns of a specific fund"


Bob Schwartz presents San Diego real estate blog » San Diego Real Estate … The Coming Next Wave of Foreclosures posted at San Diego real estate.

Alternative Investments

The Shark Investor presents How To Trade Domain Names And Websites posted at The Shark Investor, saying, "A guide to investing in web sites"

KCLau presents Frugal living doesn’t mean cheap posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "List of benefits of being frugal and what frugality is about"

Online Dividends presents Why Blogging? posted at Track Monthly Passive Income, saying, "The few methods that you can use to generate passive income are dividends, interest income and blogging."

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