Sunday, August 10, 2008

Carnivals, Festivals and Blogs- August 09, 2008

Carnivals and Festivals

The Div Guy hosted Investing Carnival #6 and included my post My Dividend Growth Plan - Strategy.

Fat Pitch Financials hosted 100th Edition of the Festival of Stocks and included my post Is Pfizer (PFE) a value trap for investors?.

Squawkfox hosted Carnival of Personal Finance #164 and included my post My Dividend Growth Plan - Strategy.

NewsFlashr added my feed to their awesome website. Check it out at


The Stock Market Prognosticator checks on BBSI in Barrett Business Services (BBSI) – A Follow Up .

The Moneygardener is thinking about The Future of Canadian Dividend Growth I

shared with his readers My Best Investing Mistake.

Dividends4Life analyzed Stanley Works (SWK)

Disciplined Approach to Investing. proved that Dividend Focused Equity Portfolio Maintains Real Purchasing Power In Retirement

The Div Guy, who got a new web address told us how to get paid regularly with dividends.


Deep Value Dividends posted Dow Jones Select Dividend Index Fund ETF (DVY) Analysis

Middle Class Millionaire is happy that Great West Life – GWO gave him a raise in dividends.

DividendInc posted an analysis of SVU.

Contrarian Value Investing presented

Canadian Capitalist is weighing the pros and cons of investing in REITs in To REIT, or not to REIT

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