Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carnivals, Festivals and Blogs- July 20, 2008

Carnivals and Festivals

My dividend analysis of MCD was featured on Investing Carnival #3: The Bear Market Edition, hosted by Disciplined Approach to Investing. You can submit your article for Investing Carnival # 4 using this submission form.

My dividend analysis of AT&T was selected to appear on the Carnival of Personal Finance #161: The "Feeling Renewed" Edition.

Festival of Stocks #97 selected my post titled Dow Chemical (DOW) To Acquire Rohm and Haas (ROH) for $78/Share.

The Div-Net Articles

There were several very good articles written by the authors on The Div-Net, the premier dividend and value investing network on the internet.

Solid Dividend Stock: Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (KMP)

The ultimate passive investment strategy

National Western Life Insurance (NWLIA)

GE Presents Dividend Opportunity

Lower Risk = Higher Investment Profits

Stock Analysis: Abbott Laboratories (ABT)

Unloved Stocks Outperform?


Disciplined Approach to Investing posted Risk Tolerance And The Estate Plan.

Living Off Dividends posted Monthly Passive Income Finally Breaks $3,000 Barrier!.

Dividends4Life told us Which International Income ETF to Buy? .

The Div Guy is Finding Strong Stocks in a Sickly Market.

Dividend Money posted Timing The Market:Headlines and Heresy.

Million Dollar Journey posted A Simple Low Cost Diversified ETF Portfolio.

Quest For Four Pillars posted Guide To The Sleeping Pill Portfolio.

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