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Carnivals, Festivals and Blogs- June 29, 2008

Carnivals and Festivals

I will be hosting the first ever Investing Carnival #1 on Tuesday, July 1.

The Weekly Investing Carnival is supported by the members of The Div-Net network. We welcome articles related to Investing. Your Investing content does not have to cover only the stock market, but could also cover real estate, commodities and other alternative investments. Please submit your articles no later than 5:00 PM ET each Sunday. The Carnival will post every Tuesday.
You could find the hosting schedule at this page:

My post on When to sell your dividend stocks was featured on the Carnival of Personal Finance #158 : Vampire Slaying Edition, hosted by Mrs Micah.

My post V.F. Corporation (VFC) Dividend Analysis was featured on Festival of Stocks #94, hosted by Circle of Competence.


Passive Family Income is Creating a new Income Stream by buying General Electric.

Tyler presented another educational article on this blog Dividend Money :Stock Buybacks: Who Benefits The Most?

The Dividend Guy posted 3 Possible Actions to Take with a Dividend Decrease

Dividends4Life analysed PG in Stock Analysis: Procter & Gamble Co. (PG).

The Dividend Investing blog informed that Medtronic Hits My Radar.

The Money Gardener is analyzing a recent report from Royal Bank of Scotland in ready for the market crash?.

The Div Guy posted Dividend Income: Earn 8% or More.

Contrarian Value Investing was Examining United Parcel Service’s (UPS) Moat

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