Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Carnivals, Festivals and Blogs - May 06, 2008

Carnivals and Festivals

My article Selected Dividend Increases in April was included on the Carnival of Wealth, Money and Life #1, hosted by DollarFrugal.

My article Historical changes of the S&P Dividend Aristocrats was selected to appear on the 151st Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance , hosted by U.S. News & World Report.

Last but not least, the 87th Edition of the Festival of Stocks included my post Wilmington Trust (WL) Dividend Analysis.


I found several interesting articles on the web this week:

20s Money presented The 20s Money Retirement Plan on his blog.

Dividends4life presented his article The Most Dangerous Investment. "The most dangerous investment has zero chance of success. It is simply not investing at all."

I really enhoyed Money Gardener's article Why all the fuss over dividends? . His conclusion is that "Passive income, especially when it comes from dividends, is one of the best things going. It can not be compared to employment income. Why not plant the oak tree seed early so that you can enjoy the shade it provides as the years get on."

The previous article above was inspired by Re-Earned Income by Mr.Cheap, from Quest for Four Pillars.

The DivGuy presented Kinder Morgan: A Promising Pipeline Play. I also enjoyed his post April Net Worth and Dividend Income Update in which he shares that his monthly dividend income has increased from to $8,642 from $8,460 for the month.

Amateur Asset Allocator asks Should I Become An Income Investor?.

The Dividend Guy presented The Vanguard Principles - An Excellent Investor's Resource.

Living off Dividends posted Reporting From Omaha : The Cocktail Reception on his blog. The annual shareholders meeting of Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company of Warren Buffet, will be attended by more than 27,000 visitors this year.

George from FatPitch Financials has a great post on his blog related to the BRK.A meeting- "Ultimate 2008 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Guide". I strongly encourage you to check this link out.

Last but not least, MoneyNing presented Frugal Honeymoon. He's asking his readers on their opinions whether he should lean towards his frugal side or not on his honeymoon.


I have added a new site to my blogroll Dividend Based Investing. This site contains a lot of useful links on dividend investing.

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