Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekly Carnivals and Blog Reviews

SeekingAlpha included my analysis of JNJ on their website, which is one of the biggest reasons for the spike in traffic over the past 2 days.

My article on why i like investing in dividend aristocrats was featured on the 13th Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted on the everythingfinance blog.

My article on the pitfalls from dollar cost averaging was included on the 245th edition of the Carnival of Financial of financial planning, hosted on theskilledinvestor blog.

The dividend guy, who recently returned from vacation also included my article on why it is not a good thing to simply chase high dividend yield in his weekly review.

In addition to that one my fellow dividend bloggers, Dividends4Life, also included my article on dolalr cost averaging in his Weekly Carnival and Article Review post.

I found a pretty neat website for getting up to date dividend information. It's called streetinsider and I like its content.

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